Thursday, September 29, 2011

Being Sick & Writing

You would think that being sick would be a great opportunity for me to sit home and express my creativity in front of my computer screen of hours, but no, not for me. I am surrounded by the sound of splashing rain drops, mellow jazz music (All in thanks to JazzRadio), and the feeling of comfort and peace.

At one point I was thinking and was inspired by sudden ideas that popped into my head, but yet when it came down to actually writing them, I didn't. I've been thinking it to just be a bad case of writers block, but I believe it now to be due to mere intimidation. Every time I get an idea and I start writing a story, I begin to fear whether what I am writing is good or not.

Since I am applying for an MFA in Creative Writing this fall, I guess that plays a factor in me over critiquing my own work, but still, I don't fully believe that to be entirely true. In any hopes, I will continue to try to finally finish something before the end of the day, and I really hope that by me writing this small blurb I will be able to get back into my flow of writing. Thanks for listening.

~ Steph

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