Wednesday, February 11, 2015


                It’s on very rare occasions that we find ourselves genuinely harmonized to the heart of nature – to all breaths seen and unseen. And days can pass like the snap of morning shadow. But today, within the snipping frost of my car, palm beating against the Mickey Mouse cover of my wheel, nodding to the classic tune “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch,” I discovered in me, for a wink in time, not only an appreciation for life, but a pure and absolute wonder for my existence. In that moment I no longer had either past nor future, there was only exact present and living. We often say to appreciate every moment, to cherish every day, to live day to day – but this moment was absent of all thought, pure as a newborn seed. Sight was touch, and sound was sight. My senses balled into one, so that for in the smallest of a second, I was able to touch life – like a child poking the freshness of water, my body swelled with wonder. Traveling through our days entangled by the ropes of stress, we need to remember the value in removing ourselves from our “selves.” 
                                                                   I’ll tell ya, life is forever alluring.  

~ Steph R.

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